Wood Origin (beta)

Where does your wood come from?


The Origin of Wood Products Matters

As much as 50% of all timber in the world is harvested illegally — in some countries the rate is as high as 90%. Illegal logging destroys the forests and all those who depend on them, from endangered wildlife to local communities. People all around the world who live in forested regions depend on the forest for their livelihood. Illegal loggers often use threats and violence to deprive people of their resources.

When you buy something made of wood, do you ever think of where it comes from? Did the new piece of wood furniture you bought come from an area that was illegally clear cut and will never recover? Is your new guitar made from wood cut from a forest where indigenous people were murdered trying to protect their forests? Is that hardwood flooring you bought destroying the habitat of an endangered species? These are questions everyone deserves an answer to.

Companies importing wood products into the US, European Union, Australia, Japan and Korea now have a legal obligation to know their supply chains - their customers should know these answers as well. This website helps you to ask the right questions, and lets you report the the companies’ answers.

What Can You Do?

Whenever you are interested in buying a product that contains wood, reach out to the seller and ask them the country where the wood was harvested, and the species of the wood. Please ask these questions via text-based communications like email, chat or Twitter, because this creates a written record of their responses.

After you receive a response from the company, report their answer to us using the Submit a Report button below. Some companies might not have good answers for you. That’s OK - report their response anyway. With this information we will be able to create a database of where wood products come from and which products have no information.

Vote with your pocket book.

If you receive an unsatisfactory answer from a company, don’t buy the product - and tell them why. Companies need to know that consumers care about where their wood products come from and be pushed to make this information public.

For more information on how illegal logging is destroying the world’s forests, see: https://eia-global.org